Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Step-By-Step Loan Process

The first step — find a lender you can trust

In the home buying process you need to find an experienced lender at the same time as you begin to work with your REALTOR®. You begin the mortgage process at the same time as you begin looking so you know the value of the home you can qualify to purchase. Roger can recommend a trusted, qualified lender.

The next step — processing your loan application

The lender begins processing your loan application, ordering credit reports, and performing verifications. This is the pre-qualification phase. Therefore, when you go looking for your dream home, you know how much you can spend for it!

Final lender pre-qualification — the search is on!

When you have final lender pre-qualification you can seriously concentrate on finding a home that you know you qualify to purchase immediately.

Under contract — title work begins

Now that you have a home under contract the lender processes the necessary paperwork. In the meantime, the title company begins the searches and processing the title work.

Underwriting — final approval

When your application is completed and verified, the file goes to the Underwriting Department for final approval!

Getting the keys to your kingdom — Now it is yours!!

With the loan process completed, you are ready to go to your closing and secure the keys to your new home. Your next steps will be over the threshold of your new home!

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